Life at UNFCU

Life at UNFCU

We are proud of our organization because each of us possesses a unique kinship to the mission we strive daily to achieve – whether it is through delivering financial solutions to our members, support of individual professional development, numerous cross-departmental initiatives and teams, or our unwavering dedication to our local communities as well as to the humanitarian causes important to our members who serve the world, you will find personal and professional fulfillment.

Life at UNFCU is summarized by these key elements that define the enriching experience you will have working for our organization. These factors are pervasive as soon as you enter any of our global locations and interact with our committed and knowledgeable staff.

  • Professional Development
  • Culture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
Professional Development

At UNFCU, we believe that every employee has an opportunity to engage in professional development. We enable a culture of extraordinary service by routinely offering training, activities, and programs that enrich the lives of employees. Capitalizing on education and experiences that prepare them for career opportunities, employees are empowered to own their journey. As a result, UNFCU supports individual and organizational success.

  • Self-paced professional development modules
  • Instructor-led training
  • Mentoring program
  • High potential & career development programs
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Assessment-based development & workshops
  • Cross-functional councils, committees and workgroups

If phrases like “familial”, “collaborative” or “committed” resonate, UNFCU is the place for you to seek a rewarding career. We are passionate about service excellence and providing peace of mind for our members and colleagues. Our employees are highly engaged and our business results reflect our commitment to achieving success while having fun in the process.

Through our global social recognition program, our employees recognize and celebrate one another’s successes. Ongoing corporate and strategic initiatives provide our employees the opportunity to influence the growth of the organization. Our deep desire to build a community drives our employees to remain active in our Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors. Our culture breeds success, consistent engagement, and, often, life-long friendships.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working at UNFCU means having an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility. This commitment ranges from advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • In 2015, we launched the UNFCU Foundation with a mission to sustain the path out of poverty through healthcare and education for women and children.
  • We have a comprehensive Global Sustainability Program that ensures sound environmental decisions extend to everything we do – from building facilities to selecting business partners.
  • Our diversity, equity, and inclusion program enables a welcoming space for all employees, providing continuous advocacy and education.
  • We are enthusiastic about helping our local communities through activities such as annual food, back-to-school, and toy drives.

At UNFCU, we value volunteerism, support charitable activities, and in the humanitarian spirit of the members we serve, our employees are devoted to making a difference.