Life at UNFCU

Life at UNFCU

We are proud of our organization because each of us possesses a unique kinship to the mission we strive daily to achieve – whether it is through delivering financial solutions to our members, support of individual professional development, numerous cross-departmental initiatives and teams, or our unwavering dedication to our local communities as well as to the humanitarian causes important to our members who serve the world, you will find personal and professional fulfillment.

Life at UNFCU is summarized by these key elements that define the enriching experience you will have working for our organization. These factors are pervasive as soon as you enter any of our global locations and interact with our committed and knowledgeable staff.

  • Growth
  • Culture
  • Commitment

A staff accountant now serves as a senior vice president. A high school intern became a senior financial analyst. A member service representative now leads several Lending departments as a vice president. These are just a few of our success stories.

Add your own success story with a career at UNFCU. We will provide you with the right tools to increase your job knowledge, explore new opportunities, and develop valuable skills. We provide a path to achieve your objectives while keeping you challenged with unique opportunities, such as the ability to distinctly contribute to our strategy. We align individuals with roles that showcase their ever-evolving talents. We readily provide the structure and foundation, through many formal learning and development programs, to enable employees to work towards their career aspirations. In addition, our employee recognition programs, like the esteemed President’s Award, help to bolster exposure and open new doors.

With an average tenure of 6.7 years, our employees remain with the organization because building a career is achievable at UNFCU and most every day is different. In fact, many of our employees have seen their dream job come to fruition. Whether arriving as a newly minted college graduate or as a seasoned mid-level manager, each experience honed at UNFCU can lead to endless possibilities.


If being part of a familial environment is your goal, then this is the place for you to seek a rewarding career. With strong philosophies supporting personal growth and a commitment to ongoing development, we are a tightly knit community abounding in creativity, high energy work teams and importantly, significant business results.

From day one, newcomers are warmly welcomed by colleagues across the organization and attend training to assist in the transition to their new jobs. Our employees embrace an open door policy, and communication extends from the top down. Our intranet is a ready source of news on corporate events, team updates and industry trends, bridging the gap across time zones by also providing information on activities throughout the organization. Our BEST (Bringing Excellence to Service and Teamwork) program fundamentally instills an unmatched camaraderie amongst our employees. We remain flexible as an organization, offering a rare work/life balance and additional benefits such as a free on-site fitness center at our corporate office, and the rare opportunity to work at the dynamic campuses of the United Nations to serve an international community. Our employees are routinely recognized with awards from both our industry and peers. Our culture breeds success, consistent job satisfaction and often life-long friendships.


Working at UNFCU means having an unwavering commitment to the growth and success of our global UN community. This commitment ranges from assisting members with their financial goals to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, we launched the UNFCU Foundation in 2015. The mission of this New York non-profit organization is to sustain the path out of poverty through healthcare and education for women and children. In our first year, we supported five causes that impacted almost 3,000 beneficiaries across three continents.

Our employees are also enthusiastic about helping our local communities through activities such as annual food, school book and toy drives. Across all of our branches and offices, we are implementing a comprehensive Global Sustainability Program that is also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Ensuring sound environmental decisions now extends to everything we do – from building facilities to selecting business partners. We continue to serve as a leader among large credit unions in the area of sustainability/carbon neutrality and work with UN organizations system wide to share ideas and best practices.

We have established relationships with industry partners and create links with neighboring non profit organizations. We value volunteerism, support charitable activities, and in the humanitarian spirit of members we serve, our employees are devoted to making a difference. We not only work to build positive change within the communities we work, but we also strive to foster this philosophy within by providing opportunities to connect with local organizations, UN groups and local schools to promote financial literacy.

Our People

"This spirit of cooperation and ‘service with a smile’ define UNFCU’s culture for me and sets us apart from the competition."

- Khalid Gherzeddine